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Complete guest ordering for the new normal
If you are looking for AI-powered upsell, higher sales, dynamic advertising and labour saving of up to 30%, then you are going to love our tablets. Our tablets are custom designed and built with a high quality 7” screen and 18-hour battery making them perfect for limitless applications
Allow your guests to scan, order and pay with our slick mobile ordering software. Effortlessly generate QR codes, allow pre-orders and orders for now and provide quick service that will delight your guests
Self Serve
Our cutting edge self-serve technology is affordable, AI-powered and totally dynamic. Our self-serve units are customisable to your brand at no cost and our software automatically manages crowds providing up to 70% quicker service than tills.
All connected to our epos-replacing online account
All our guest ordering software connects to one central, cloud-based back-of-house account
We make integrations easy
Our open API architecture makes it free and easy to integrate with third parties
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