Introducing T2
tablet ordering for next level upselling in restaurants, meeting rooms and corporate hospitality
18-hour battery
7” touchscreen
Limitless advertising possibilities
AI-powered upselling
Digital, easy to update menu
Auto-generated QR codes for mobile
Integrated NFC reader
Splashproof for anti-bacterial cleaning
No upfront costs
Unlimited marketing opportunities
Limitless Advertising
Effortlessly market to your customers as they enjoy their visit; whether promoting food and drinks or showcasing your services
Drive new sources of revenue by selling advertising space to drink suppliers, taxi companies, local attractions and business partners
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Smart upsell
Tabletop drives spend with upsell suggestions based on the weather and time of day
No more printing
Remove printed menus and change menu content and prices instantly
Filter by allergen
Guests can filter the menu by their allergen requirements and dietary preferences
One click reordering
No more waiting for staff for another drink or going through endless forms on your mobile
Instead, guests can at any point reorder their last round of drinks with just a single click
Full payment integration
Guests can effortlessly see their bill and pay at the end or pay as they order
Remove printed receipts with digital e-receipts
For hotel clients, allow guests to charge to the room and enjoy our e-signature functionality
We deliver exceptional returns for our clients
T2 promises to increase spend and reduce costs
Upsell sales as a proportion of total revenue
Increase in product sales with smart product placement
Average increase in customer spend per head
Average labour saving per client
Client sales processed by Tabletop Annually
Tablet engagement at deployed sites
Roundup for charity
Our integration with Pennies enables guests to round-up and donate to client nominated charities
100% paperless
Say goodbye to paper checks, menus, receipts and collateral from your business saving money and helping the environment
We're trusted by leading companies
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